by Vile Regression

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Jimi Solid and emergent. It may look like [sweet] chaos, but please take a closer look. Favorite track: Down to a Sunless Sea.
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The follow up to 2011's 'The Pattern Evolves', 'Empires' is the second release from Irish metal band 'Vile Regression. The EP was recorded at Trackmix Studios in the summer of 2013.


released July 21, 2014



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Vile Regression Ireland

Formed in 2007, Vile Regression are a progressive metal band from Dublin in Ireland.

July 21st 2014 saw the release of their follow up E.P, entitled 'Empires', to critical acclaim.

"This Dublin quintet impress with their new release of well-produced, progressive death metal that easily sits alongside the output from most of today's big extreme metal names" - Metal Hammer
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Track Name: Tides
Another consequence of my actions,
unbeknownst to a retrospective self,
pieces of a grandiose puzzle intertwine.
Your knowledge of rationality
is changing your perspective,
through the courses of judgement,
and all you hold true.

I cant falter the ignorance of this foresight.
I'll piece it together and disregard the misguided judgements.

What worlds will be revealed with this resolve?
Would I change the tides beneath my feet
If I knew what I was drowning as a consequence?
Changing tides with selfish hunger.

I don't believe this to have sincerity.
And all this time I trusted and instinctual sense of myself.
These high tides will be the death of me
pieces of a grandiose puzzle intertwine around me
These high tides will be the death of me.
Track Name: Raze The Complexity
You burden me with your lamenting
Exhausting your will on empathy
While denying yourself a triumphant escape from the misery

Your will to sabotage your own generations of inspiration
Your mind resides in darker times
Burn your fear of prosperity

Dragging me under with you
Deny me my will
Deny me my authentic hunt for the path to be true

Dragging me under with you
Find your reasons
Find it and walk with the strength of the winds
On your back

The zenith of life
Is a reason to shatter your angst
Shatter your angst
Raze the complexity.

I should just leave you with one direction
A single path with optional chances
But fuck you, who am I to moderate the
broken avenue that you insist on with this
fruitless pursuit.
Track Name: Thought Replication
Thought replication
Burning the eye of my obsessive mind
Old bones and stones
Tear these bricks and mortar asunder

Never a wasted potential
have I had the pleasure of
Always an unwelcome memory
of what I will never have
A twisted, contorted perspective of the memory
untold to the eye in the mind of my dreams
It's always a thought replicated, if these walls
could talk they would tell me the truth of what
I will never know.

Thought replication
burning the eye of my obsessive mind
and recreated echoing views
iterate this view

Building an empire of smoke
will slip through your fingertips
Sick of the reasoning perspective
and standing on neutral territory
Its time to come clean
build it again
hide the failures

Some sort of lie or another
These bricks hold the true intent
Never before has a dream begotten such hierarchy
old bones and stones
Thought replication
Track Name: The Abstract
Holes dug deep into the soil
With a hopeless entity trapped in complication
Time spent on perfection
and the art of being free from expectation
And building towards a common cause
in being free

Never ending treachery
Falsified fortress fortress of dust
Hold-fast, brace yourself well
And bide your time spent selfishly

I'll never be this far behind again
And all of this will be yours
A helping hand wrapped in barb
Is only cutting off his nose to spite your face.

This is the last time a smiling pretension will
soften the blow to a suffering beast
I will seek you out
I'll burn it down if I have to
But you wont win this war with cunning deception
You heard it here first folks
I will seek you out
And find the vein that bleeds your suffering

Spiteful fuck

Never-ending treachery
falsified fortress fortress of dust

You've become the hunted
a martyr for falsities
Track Name: The Empyrean Divide
There is no diversion
between the brilliance of our consciousness,
and the worlds we create
dwelling beyond the reach of the divide.

The purest of flames alight my will.
What chance do we stand against kismet?
A vanguard of choices deliver me safely
from the purgatory of ignorant bliss.
The genus.
The arch between the glorious empires of you and I,
subsists in our enterprise.

The empyrean divide.
Cracks in their domain,
are terra firma's reckoning.
Open avalon.

The source of our creation,
lies in the very fabric of our construct.
We are made of star stuff,
and they of our beginnings.
I've always been here and I serve the wellspring
of divinity eternal.